EMG Çevre

Environmental Awareness


As Trakya Sondaj, our main goal is to causeZero Harmto the environment in all locations where we operate. In order to achieve this goal and serve the relevant Sustainable Development Goals for a sustainable future; 

  • We evaluate the potential environmental impacts at the beginning of our work, 
  • In our work, we plan by considering adequate mitigations for the identified impacts, we recognize organizational risks and opportunities in accordance with the relevant national standards and legislation.
  • We provide training or consult with interested parties when necessary, 
  • We consider energy management and emissions, natural resource water consumption, soil management and emissions, waste management, biodiversity conservation, climate change and carbon footprint. 





Human’s need for water has shown an increasing trend since ancient times. For this reason, groundwater, which is the most needed water resource for human beings, is the secret resource that is affected by human activities and needs to be protected the most. The studies carried out in order to prevent the dangers faced by groundwater have led to the need to use certain disciplines together. While the science of geology and hydrogeology allows us to understand it, the science of ecology to reveal it’s relations with ecosystems, to see the components in the science of chemistry, the science of statistics helps us to interpret it. With the systematic studies carried out in the company of these disciplines, it becomes easier to understand and make sense of groundwater. This systematic approach has come to life in many strategic documents, standards and directives. The Groundwater Directive, which is a holistic directive for the protection of aquatic environments and water quality, has an important place among these documents. 



Council Directive 2006/118/EC on the Protection of Groundwaters Against Pollution and Degradation (Groundwaters Directive-YSD) opens with the phrasegroundwaters are valuable natural resourcesand underlines the need forprotection of groundwaters against degradation and chemical pollution”. When the relevant local legislation is examined, it is seen that groundwater is defined as “all stagnant or moving water underground” in the Groundwater Law, which is the first legal regulation prepared for groundwater, published in the Official Gazette dated 23/12/1960 and numbered 10688. This value attributed to it in YSD lies in the fact that groundwater has found a hiding place under the ground due to it’s existence, as well as the increasing need for water in today’s conditions. The importance of water for living things and in every environment where living things exist has made it a product against which humanity is fighting and has increased it’s value. 


Considering the need for water, it can be said that there has been no change since ancient times, but on the contrary, it shows an increasing trend. The transition of human beings to settled life, gathering around water resources and establishing a living space for themselves, and then abandoning the hunter-gatherer lifestyle and adopting agriculture, which means the activity of producing their own food, can be considered as the first examples of regular consumption of water resources. 

Societies created industry, which is nature’s arch enemy, by dominating nature and adopting science-based production as a cogwheel in charge of establishing their future. “Before the Industrial Revolution, in the period when man was at peace with nature, the factors causing environmental pollution were usually either wars or overpopulation at one point. The negative effects of the Industrial Revolution on the environment began to manifest itself primarily in regions where industry and population were concentrated. Mankind would now have to experience some events that they had not seen before, and to deal with some problems that they had not encountered. 

Industrialization, which is the gift of the industrial revolution triggered by science, the development of technologies for agricultural production, the negative effects of urbanization and increasing population have shown their effects on the environment, especially on water resources. Access to clean water resources, which is the basic requirement for the continuation of the system, has become more and more vital day by day. At this point, groundwater comes to the fore as an important and invaluable resource. However, these resources are also in danger due to the factors that increase their importance. Elements that threaten surface waters also pose a threat to groundwater, according to research. The effects of agricultural, urban and industrial pollution show themselves on these hidden resources day by day. 

In addition, as a country, we are in the class of countries that are not rich in water. Every citizen living in this country should have the necessary knowledge and equipment about groundwater and act accordingly. We, as Trakya Sondaj, have this awareness and we will continue our work with these truths we know and show the necessary care.