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Cable Recycling

Cable Recycling

Cable Recycling

In our age, the value of precious metals and underground resources, like many other things, has been known day by day and their value has increased. The reason for this can be attributed to the awareness of people, the increase in consumption, the development of technology and the gradual decrease in resources. For this reason, these valuable materials are not thrown away after their use; on the contrary, efforts are being made to put them back into use. At the same time, since it is seen that wastes cause events such as global warming, water pollution, environmental pollution and forest fires, this kind of “Cable Recyclingand general recycling event in itself gains more importance. 


Recycling of Cables

Cables are an important element in every technological device, therefore they are everywhere in our lives. At the same time, aluminum, plastic and copper are also very important materials for us. With the increasing use of technology, the amount of cables in our lives has also increased; For this reason, these 3 valuable substances that we have mentioned have started to decrease in nature. At the same time, it has caused a great harm to nature due to the cable in the technological devices that are not used and thrown away. 

However, the plastic, aluminum and copper in its content are not open to biodegradable components. For this reason, these materials shake the ecological balance of the region and pollute this region. 

In order to keep nature clean and to use natural resources without wasting them; Cables, like all other recycling materials, need to be recycled in order not to create a dense garbage dump in the environment and to contribute to people economically. So how can we recycle the cables ourselvesOr, let’s try to find answers to questions such as “Where can I use the content of the cables that we have transformed somehow?” 

First of all, people used to burn the plastic of the cables, removing the aluminum and copper content, and aiming to end the garbage disposal of the cables. However, toxic gases formed in the air due to burned plastic materials have caused air pollution. For this reason, cables should definitely be handed over to professional hands. This process should be done by people who have earned the right to win the ISO 9001 certificate. In a professional sense, the process of recycling cables is structured with the technique of separating the plastic from its components, called electrostatic. The separated copper and aluminum are melted and refined and offered to use.