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Logistics – Waste Transportation (MOTAT)

Logistics – Waste Transportation (MOTAT)

What is Logistics – Waste Transport (MOTAT)?

Logistics service is a means of transportation that is used to supply many resources such as products and people from one place to another in case of need. In a different business, marketing or production efforts will be much more difficult to do. Therefore, the field of logistics is of great importance. The transmission of all kinds of services and information exchanges made with the aim of meeting all kinds of needs of individuals from the first point of departure to the final destination is also called logistics.

Logistics unit is used in all industrial sectors. The history of logistics is much older and has spread over a very large area all over the world. Due to its logistics structure, it is divided into 3 units;

  • Main Branches Purchasing Logistics
  • Transport Logistics
  • Storage Logistics


What is the Relationship Between Logistics and Waste Transport?

Logistics is used in all kinds of business areas as well as in the field of waste transportation. So what is the relationship between logistics and waste handling?

One of the most important concepts here is reverse logistics. Reverse logistics is achieved by reducing products, minimizing resources, recycling products and destroying wastes by means of waste transportation. As a result of renewing these wastes and bringing them back to the production line as raw material, reuse becomes possible. In this recycling, not only wastes, but also products returned by consumers; products that are damaged, broken, expired or are no longer needed. The purpose of this management system is to ensure the reduction of waste products by recycling these products.

By using the logistics unit, it is ensured that the wastes are transported and reduced or minimized. In this way, a significant contribution is made to the country’s economy. One of these contributions is the increase in the workforce. In this way, employment will be provided to people and waste will be prevented at the same time. Many products will be reused thanks to logistics – waste transportation and the biggest benefit of this will be to protect our nature.