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Secure Data Destruction Service

Secure Data Destruction Service

Data Destruction

When computers entered every area of ​​our lives, we started to do all of our work with computer systems. This has led to the proliferation of unnecessary unnecessary information in digital life. Parallel to this, the confidential data of public institutions and organizations, private companies has increased. Keeping this confidential information, which is increasing day by day, in a reliable environment has also become a problem over time.

For this, XNET created R&D activities, designed special devices and software, and established a number of standards for safe data destruction. The mentioned standards consisted of conditions such as recycling, environmental pollution and conditions of use. After the safe destruction of the data, there is also the option of reusing the data logger to be destroyed, or not.

Secure destruction service is provided in 3 different ways:

Method of physical destruction

It can be done using a variety of methods, including incineration, grinding, smelting, and chemical treatment. This method is done to render the drive inoperable and to damage the media on which the data resides.

Physical destruction is the definitive solution when properly handled. There is no question mark in your mind, it allows you to return to your daily life and is the definitive result. However, these operations should definitely be carried out by trained and authorized personnel, with devices specially designed for these works.

Software data destruction

It is not a method preferred by corporate companies and government offices. It is usually a method that individual users resort to. The data that has been destroyed by writing can be reused safely because it does not contain any data on the hard disk surface. Hard disks have more value in recycling.
It is a method implemented by overwriting each of the drive sectors with meaningless data patterns. The destruction process works on data with a combination of 1 and 0. The security level increases with the number of times it is written to the data on the entire hard disk . It is best to use certified software for this deletion, and a report is made indicating the processes of this deletion and with which software it was made.

Data destruction with magnetic field distortion method

It is done by using a machine that generates a strong electromagnetic field to destroy the data on the hard disk. Devices that destroy data by magnetic field disturbance method are generally expensive and their maintenance is very important. These devices are only used for magnetic field data destruction.

  • Request Form

    MOTAT request is opened via ECBS System for waste delivery.

  • Waste Receiving

    Disposal is completed with Hazardous Waste Transport Vehicles.

  • Waste Acceptance

    The wastes transported to the facility by vehicles with MOTAT are accepted through the ECBS System.

  • Sort

    Accepted wastes are classified according to their types.

  • Hazard Elimination

    Hazardous wastes are pre-treated.

  • Waste Treatment

    Wastes go through separation, shredding and data destruction processes.

  • Reporting

    Necessary reports are provided to authorized institutions.