EMG Çevre

Zero Waste System Installation

Identifying Focal Points

People who will be responsible for the establishment of the zero waste management system in the institution, to it’s effective and efficient implementation, monitoring, information flow and reporting are determined. These are the people who will lead the team that will ensure zero waste management.

Current Due Diligence

When applying the Zero Waste Management System in your institution, first of all, determining your situation in terms of waste and analyzing your current situation will help you as you progress.


At this stage, an institution-specific deadline plan is prepared based on the current situation.

Education and Awareness

After the supply of equipment is completed, applied training and information studies are carried out for the target audiences before the implementation is started.

Identifying Needs & Supply

While the Zero Waste System is being implemented in the institution, all the equipment that will be needed (such as offices, cafeteria, infirmary) in the institution is determined, listed and provided before the implementation.


Supplied spooling equipment is placed at the points that staff can easily reach, at appropriate intervals. Information posters designed according to the equipment are hung on the equipment so that they can be easily seen. Attention should be paid to the color scale in collection equipment and promotional materials.


At this stage, monitoring is carried out by the work team in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the application, and if any, the failing aspects of the application, deficiencies or the parties to be developed are determined, and measures are taken.