EMG Çevre

About Us

Who is EMG Environment

Established in 2000 in Kartal, Istanbul, Emre Metal Recycling and Waste Management continued it’s activities with the trade of scrap metal and precious metals, electronic scrap and destruction services until 2007. In 2007, EMG Environment received facility investment and Environment & Permission licenses in Tuzla, Istanbul. In 2021, company title updated as EMG ÇEVRE ENTEGRE ATIK YÖNETİMİ SAN TİC. LTD. With the integrated waste recycling facility it has established, EMG Environment provides Total Waste Management service to waste producers.
EMG Environment continues recycling activities within the framework of regulations, communiqués, circular publications and legal legislation within the scope of the Environment Law, together with the authorization and permit licenses of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. EMG Environment continues to develop it’s experience and knowledge, which the sector needs, in line with the goals of continuous improvement day by day. EMG Environmental Recycling and Waste Management follows new technologies in the world in line with it’s long-term plans and targets; and aims to reduce waste, to include wastes going to landfills in the recycling system and to ensure that wastes that are difficult to recycle or cannot be recycled can be used in different solutions.

EMG Çevre
EMG Çevre
Our Vision

As a leading company in the sector of E-Waste, Scrap Battery, Non-Hazardous Waste, Scrap Metal and Cable Recycling and Safe Data Disposal we aim to;

  • Making a difference in the field by continuing technological investments,
  • To offer all kinds of solutions to its customers with an understanding that does not compromise on service and quality,
  • To contribute to the formation of a more environmentally conscious society.
Our Mission

In our modern, integrated and state-of-the-art WEEE processing facility;

  • To continue our activities in compliance with national and international legislation and laws,
  • To provide the best recycling service to its customers with an innovative and solution-oriented approach.,
  • To carry out its activities with the awareness of sustainability and sensitive to the environment, health and safety.
EMG Çevre
EMG Çevre
Five Ways to Strengthen Your Data Security
  1. Confirming that the data deletion was executed correctly.
  2. Review of the safety of equipment during transport.
  3. Asset tracking and verification of facility surveillance.
  4. Understanding resale channels and approving ethical methods for reuse
  5. Confirming that end-of-life assets are shredded and recycled