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Zero Waste

As time progressed, people started to produce more and more as they started to produce and earn money as a result of this production. As a result of industrialization and competition, manufacturers have pursued easy, fast and cost-free innovations. Accordingly, the amount of material that was excessive among the manufacturer, the material that was produced incorrectly and the amount of waste material at the end of the production started to increase considerably.

As waste has increased within the factories, this waste has started to increase in the people who use these produced materials. Manufacturers have given much more intensity to disposable materials in order to increase their earnings, and these fast-moving consumer products have attracted the attention of people.

As wastes increase, human health and natural health have begun to suffer. Since some wastes could not be dissolved in nature for hundreds of years, they started to harm all living things in nature. We say all living things because a small plant on nature, an invisible sea creature living in the sea, even 3 generations ahead of the living thing has begun to affected.

The world has tried to find a way accordingly.


What is Zero Waste? 

When it comes to zero waste, the first thing that comes to mind is the effort to reduce the waste to zero, as the name suggests. This is roughly the way it is explained, but what is the content?

Zero waste is an idea that emerged under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey in order to direct people to recycle factories by realizing the damage that people are doing to nature, themselves and their future.

It is a project supported by the Ministry of National Education and Presidency in Turkey that provides conferences for those who want to find answers to the question of what is zero waste.

It is a project that gives information to all age groups, starting from the age of 4-5, about recycling waste and how they can be recycled.

This idea, which shows that information is something that can be easily accessed by placing recycling bins in provinces and districts, by placing certain restrictions on production companies, is growing and multiplying.

As a company, we asked ourselves what is “zero waste” and as a result, we decided to help our nation, our country and the world by recycling wastes in this way. We have come to be one of the leading companies in Turkey. We strive to see our every step cautiously and green where we raise our feet.