EMG Çevre

Environmental policy

As Emre Metal Recycling, our aim is;

Within the scope we defined in the Environmental Handbooks; To ensure that our employees, suppliers, subcontractors and visitors are minimally affected by the negative effects that may arise from waste recovery, hazardous and non-hazardous collection, separation, temporary storage and other activities in the recycling sector, and to continuously improve and develop our environmental performance.

Based on the principle of “A Clean Environment”;

To systematically identify and evaluate the environmental aspects that may arise from our activities and to take protective measures against them,
To produce the least amount of pollution and waste by investigating the reuse and recycling possibilities of solid, liquid and gaseous wastes.
To use energy and natural resources efficiently,

And in the light of these principles;

To increase the environmental awareness of our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and those around us,
To act in accordance with all relevant environmental legislation, Emre Metal Recycling, standards, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems Standard and other relevant requirements in all our activities,
To encourage participation and participation in environmental activities;
We are Committed to keeping our policy open to public scrutiny.