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As Emre Metal Recycling, within the framework of total quality management; We develop solutions to meet the needs and expectations of our employees, customers, dealers and suppliers in their activities with our company. At the same time, we offer all our products and services with an approach that is sensitive to the environment and suitable for customer satisfaction, keeping human health and safety at the forefront.


It is our top priority to integrate the principles of HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) into all our activities and to implement them meticulously with the active participation of our employees.



To eliminate the dangers and risks that may cause an accident at Emre Metal Recycling stations,
To ensure that emergency plans and exercises are carried out at the stations in order to respond effectively to emergencies,
Performing station controls periodically and taking actions for improvement in order to establish Emre Metal Recycling HSE standards and to ensure that station activities are carried out in accordance with legal regulations,
To ensure the continuous development of the station HSE process by establishing a planning and performance monitoring system,
To create HSE awareness, awareness and loyalty with the trainings given to dealer personnel within the scope of health, safety, environment and security,
To raise awareness of our suppliers to minimize the environmental impact that may occur as a result of station activities.