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Waste Accumulator Temporary Storage

Waste Accumulator Temporary Storage

What is Waste Accumulator Temporary Storage? 

For batteries that have expired and become unusable, scrap battery recycling is provided. Batteries, which we generally use in vehicles and different electrical materials, lose their function after a certain period of use. It is very important to recycle the batteries that have lost their function by sending them for recycling instead of throwing them away, both in terms of health, to be beneficial to the environment and to save money. 


How Is Scrap Battery Recycling With The Value It Deserves? 

Scrap batteries go through a more difficult recycling process compared to other waste products. Waste battery materials are processed in a special way and separated into parts as a result of long efforts. For this reason, companies that buy waste batteries demand a lower price when purchasing waste batteries compared to other waste products. There are many sectors in this field. There are many companies that have been recycling waste batteries for many years. In this way, it is possible to recover many unused batteries. Regardless of size and model, all kinds of scrap batteries are taken and recycled. 

There is no specific fee for the purchase of these products. The fee given by each company may differ. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to do your research while giving your battery. Thanks to special plans and calculations, you can sell your scrap battery over its real value and make a contribution to recycling. 


Scrap Battery Recycling 

Your batteries, which have been used for many purposes and have reached the end of their life, are sent for recycling, contributing both to the environment and to your pocket. However, when selling your batteries, you should be careful to sell them at their worth, because the companies recycle the waste batteries which they buy from you, make them functional again and sell them as second-hand batteries. If the second-hand batteries to be sold have been tested and made suitable for use, there is no obstacle to their sale. Leaving the disposable logic aside contributes a lot to both you and your environment. You can also make a great contribution to environmental health by recycling your scrapped batteries. 


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  • Request Form

    MOTAT request is opened via ECBS System for waste delivery.

  • Waste Receiving

    Disposal is completed with Hazardous Waste Transport Vehicles.

  • Waste Acceptance

    The wastes transported to the facility by vehicles with MOTAT are accepted through the ECBS System.

  • Sort

    Accepted wastes are classified according to their types.

  • Hazard Elimination

    Hazardous wastes are pre-treated.

  • Waste Treatment

    Wastes go through separation, shredding and data destruction processes.

  • Reporting

    Necessary reports are provided to authorized institutions.