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Waste Bins & Container Service

Waste Bins & Container Service

Waste Bins and Container Service

What are the waste bins and container services? What is included in this scope? What benefits and positivity does this system add to our lives?

First of all, we live in an age where production and consumption have increased considerably. Due to this consumption frenzy, people are removing more garbage than before. These garbage, on the other hand, cause visual pollution as well as harming the nature when it penetrates. Considering these reasons, it is necessary to collect the garbage in one place and collect it in a large area as a result of municipal works and to separate these garbage without causing much harm to the nature. At this very point, people need to access waste bins and container services, whether they are close to their homes and on every street, in schools, hospitals, airports, workplaces and many other points that we can replicate. The private sector, institutions and organizations should also attach great importance to this container service.

The absolute feature that must be found in waste bins is that these bins are resistant to flammable, caustic and explosive dangerous substances. Most people still ignore the classification of recycling (paper, plastic, metal) and throw recyclable materials into the garbage. For example, an explosive material such as a phone can be throw away into these waste bins. For this reason, waste bins must be produced with a strict precaution so as not to cause such incidents.

Production of special boxes has also started for materials that are not included in the garbage category except for waste bins and they are included in the scope of recycling. While this is a pretty big service, it is misused by many. Blue, yellow, red color and plastic, elongated boxes are sometimes used out of use. For example, other materials can be thrown into the box where only the papers should be thrown, or these collected recycling materials can be thrown into the garbage containers without calling the authorized people. For this reason, it is necessary to raise awareness of people on this issue and to organize conferences to raise awareness on these issues in schools when necessary.