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Pallet Recovery

Pallet Recovery

As Emre Metal, we provide pallet recovery service to everyone in the best way possible. Pallets are usually made of wooden structure. In other words, many trees have to be cut in order to obtain it. But generally, these wooden pallets are left to rot after use. In other words, used wooden pallets are thrown away without any other use. We provide services to prevent this situation. Because the trees used in the construction of wooden pallets are very valuable for people. Therefore, wooden pallets should not be disposable. Recycling is the best way to prevent this. In other words, wooden pallets can be reused by going through some processes.

Recycling Process of Wooden Pallets

Our facility used for recycling is approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. In other words, while doing this job, we requested the necessary actions from the necessary channels. So this job is done by us absolutely reliably. A very good recovery can be achieved by recycling wooden pallets. This also lowers the cost.

After the use of wooden pallets, it may be more appropriate to buy a new one. However, recycling should be used to reduce costs. There is another issue besides the cost side of the business. It is our trees. Our trees are a source of life for us. That’s why we have to protect them very well. We know how important recycling is in order to achieve this. That’s why we provide services for all businesses to care about this.

As a result, recycling is also very important in the industrial field. That’s why we love to provide pallet recovery service. We provide this service both because of our respect for the environment and because of those who really need it. Our customers are grateful to us for the service we provide. We will continue our work in this field without interrupting the quality and speed of the service we provide to them. We make our customers more satisfied by improving ourselves day by day.

  • Request Form

    MOTAT request is opened via ECBS System for waste delivery.

  • Waste Receiving

    Disposal is completed with Hazardous Waste Transport Vehicles.

  • Waste Acceptance

    The wastes transported to the facility by vehicles with MOTAT are accepted through the ECBS System.

  • Sort

    Accepted wastes are classified according to their types.

  • Hazard Elimination

    Hazardous wastes are pre-treated.

  • Waste Treatment

    Wastes go through separation, shredding and data destruction processes.

  • Reporting

    Necessary reports are provided to authorized institutions.